Saturday, September 4, 2010

Learn what your camera can do (part one of many)

I was playing around and I found out that the Nikon D80 Viewfinder was only showing me one point.

So here is the story on what you can do to set these things:
a) Make sure the selector on the left side of the lens (body) is set to AF.
b) Go to the menu, pencil icon, and set AF Area mode on
c) If b does not work (message states "This option is not available with the current settings") then you have the problem I had.

Check with your lens. Mine has two settings: M and M/A.
M means manual, A means Autofocus. My lens was set to M, which means that the Autofocus could not work. I switched it back to M/A, went to the menu and set Autofocus to a single area. Now with the cursor pad (four arrows) you can select the focus point yourself.

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