Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sports photos

My wife participated in a 10k run today. So I thought I'll try some sports photos.

First I tried to play around with the shutter time and move the camera with the motion.
I will spare you the pictures. Pretty terrible (make mental note - more practice needed).

Then after the start of all runners I went to the finish and witnessed a world record of Leonard Komon, who ran the 10k in 26.44! I also managed to take some pictures of him. I had the shutter on 1/80s and the lens on F/3.5. The picture turned out too dark, but luckily I switched to RAW&JPEG in the settings. So a little bit of fiddling with CaptureNX and the picture is almost ok.

Unfortunately it is only almost ok. He's not sharp on the image, and the focus lies somewhere but not on him.

I managed to make on photo of another guy which turned out quite nice, due to the effect of the slight camera move while on the sports setting.

I like the stripes of the trees. I wish I would get the runner a little bit sharper into the focus. How can I do that? Well, I guess more practice and more research will help.


  1. I think you were to much straight ahead of the runner. He's running more 'towards' you than he is running 'past' you.
    That makes it extra hard to get him sharp, when moving the camera.
    Actually, you should be moving in the same direction he is, towards the finish (so you should walk backwards) without moving the camera (that generates un-sharpness as well)
    To get the effect you want, without being on a segway or motorcycle will be quite a challenge...
    But I must admit, in this size, the picture is quite nice! As if he just made some time-jump and is running out of the time-vortex...

  2. And what I also miss: How did your wife do???

  3. Thank you for the tips. Will practice that the next time. My wife finished in 55:44.